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Combining 2 searches but need help with dedup strategy

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I have 2 searches where the dedup strategy is different, i want to combine the 2 searches but need help with dedup strategy. 

Search 1: index=prod sourcetype=error AND "IOS" | dedup notification, source 

Search 2: index=prod sourcetype=error AND "Android" | dedup _time

-> For "IOS" i need to dedup with only notification, source  and for "Android" i need to dedup only with _time

index=prod sourcetype=error AND ("IOS" OR "Android") | dedup ?????


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To do that in a single search, if Android does not have notification and source fields, then you could make these fields the same as time and then just dedup on those two fields

index=prod sourcetype=error AND ("IOS" OR "Android") 
| eval notification=coalesce(notification, _time)
| eval source=coalesce(source, _time)
| dedup notification source

as long as _time would never equal a real notification/source pair from IOS. stats command is another option if you can decide what you want to get out of the result.


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