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Combine/ Compare two REX fields



I'm having the two REX fields and want to search the logs with those fields. Which one matches that field needs to be given as output. Below are the REX

rex "^(?:[^:\n]:){5}\s+(?P<email_2dot>\w+.\w+.\w+@\w+.\w+)"
rex "^(?:[^:\n]:){5}\s+(?P<email_dot>\w+.\w+@\w+.\w+)"

and i want to display with the same name EMAIL since need of only one field in the result. as i can get the result in the two fields email_2dot and email_dot but it should be as single field. Please help on this. If you have any concern please comment.


Just name the field the same in both rex commands:

  rex "^(?:[^:n]:){5}s+(?P<email>w+.w+.w+@w+.w+)" | rex "^(?:[^:n]:){5}s+(?P<email>w+.w+@w+.w+)"

Or use rename:

  rex "^(?:[^:n]:){5}s+(?P<email>w+.w+.w+@w+.w+)" | rex "^(?:[^:n]:){5}s+(?P<email2>w+.w+@w+.w+)" | rename email2 AS email


If we rename it as email, would it not over write the previous value?

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