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Combine 2 searches with 2nd search dependent on first

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I am trying to combine 2 searches into one. However, the results for the 2nd search should only return if there are results in the first one.

If no results in the first query, then nothing should be returned. If there are results from the first one, then display the returns from the 2nd search

First query:
| where jobName="test_job1" AND statusText in ("FAILURE", "SUCCESS")

Second query:
| where like(jobName,"test%") AND statusText="FAILURE" | stats earliest(statusText) as First_Failure, earliest(timestamp) as First_Failure_Time by jobName, machine
| join jobName
[search index=batch | where like(jobName,"test%") | stats latest(statusText) as Latest_Status, latest(timestamp) as Last_Updated_time by jobName]
| sort by Last_Updated_time desc

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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