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Change Modal Value of Chart

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Is there a way to change value of pop up display when you hover a chart value like in screenshot below.

I'm trying to replace the BILLS : 8 to Bills: 3:00 AM
I was able to change the Y-axis label using jquery and tried the same on the pop up modal its not working.
And if it is not possible to change it. Is there a way to disable the pop up?

Here is the code that I am using to change the y-axis value and trying to use on the pop up modal

$("highcharts-tooltip tr").filter(function() {
                return $.trim($(this).text()) == '8';
            }).text('*').text("3:00 AM");

alt text

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@michaelrosello, while your use case might be different, check out the answer by @jeffland for changing Tooltip Text in Highcharts.


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