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Can you help us format the y-axis to the Custom Time Format?



I want to plot a column chart with time vs day. So day will be in X-axis and time will be in Y-axis.

I am using the following, but it's not working :

| inputlookup time.csv |eval DT=strftime(strptime(Time,"%H:%M:%S"), "%I:%M:%S %p") | chart values(DT) over Day by Time

But in the column visualization, it is not showing any data because the value is not in a numeric format for the Y-axis. Is there any way to plot the graph in the Y-axis as per our format, but Splunk would consider it numeric value i.e., number of seconds, etc internally ?

Kindly help urgently !!

Awaiting reply !!

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@abhayneilam Charts expect y-axis data to be numeric.

1) So, if you need to depict Stats over time fields on x and y axis consider Punchcard - Custom Visualization
2) If you need to plot duration over time then consider Timeline Custom Visualization

If your requirement is something else please provide a mock with data and screenshot of your expected output.

| makeresults | eval message= "Happy Splunking!!!"
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You have an image in this link and my problem is similar to this !!


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Hi @abhayneilam

Give this a try: | inputlookup time.csv |eval DT=strftime(strptime(Time,"%H:%M:%S"), "%I:%M:%S %p") | chart count over Day by Time

I am happy to help you more if you supply a couple of rows of sample data.

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