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Can you help me improve my Splunk search?


Hello Fellow Splunkers,

I'm busy with improving a search:

The original search:

“index=powermonitoring source=dashboard_loadtimes* earliest=-30d searchDurationSecs>0 | rename appName as app dashboardName as view | search app!="thisdoesnothing" view!="thisdoesnothing" app!="SA-Removed" AND app!="SA-ldapsearch" AND app!="ita_infobutton" AND app!="heatmap_app" AND app!="launcher" AND app!="timeline_app" AND app!="system" AND app!="splunk_instrumentation" AND app!="splunk_archiver" AND app!="status_indicator_app" AND app!="Splunk_for_Exchange" AND view!=flashtimeline AND view!=landing_page AND view!="SEI_start" AND view!="SEI-EUVLoadAVG" AND view!="SEI-EUVLoadAVG-SD" AND view!="job_manager" AND view!="firewall_blocked" | eval cluster=upper("ops") | where shcluster=cluster | eventstats count as "min_visits" by view | search min_visits >= 3 | eventstats median(searchDurationSecs) as "loadtime" by view | dedup view | sort loadtime | tail 2 | tail 1 | table loadtime view app”

My search:

index=powermonitoring source=dashboard_loadtimes* earliest=-30d searchDurationSecs>0
| search appName!="thisdoesnothing" dashboardName!="thisdoesnothing" appName!="SA-Removed" AND appName!="SA-ldapsearch" AND appName!="ita_infobutton" AND appName!="heatmap_app" AND appName!="launcher" AND appName!="timeline_app" AND appName!="system" AND appName!="splunk_instrumentation" AND appName!="splunk_archiver" AND appName!="status_indicator_app" AND appName!="Splunk_for_Exchange" AND dashboardName!=flashtimeline AND dashboardName!=landing_page AND dashboardName!="SEI_start" AND dashboardName!="SEI-EUVLoadAVG" AND dashboardName!="SEI-EUVLoadAVG-SD" AND dashboardName!="job_manager" AND dashboardName!="firewall_blocked"
| eval cluster=upper("ops")
| where shcluster=cluster
| eventstats count as "min_visits" median(searchDurationSecs) as "loadtime" by dashboardName
| search min_visits >= 3 
| dedup dashboardName
| sort loadtime
| tail 1
| rename appName as app, dashboardName as view
| table loadtime view appName

The results are different. I need the results of the original search, but the search itself has to be improved.

Please help.

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What improvements do you want to make?

If this reply helps you, an upvote would be appreciated.
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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee


Thanks for providing us with the search that you want to improve. However, could you give us some more context for your query? For instance, what are you trying to accomplish with this search, etc. You have a much better chance of getting your question answered if you provide more information about your issue. Plus, it will help guide future community users who are facing a similar problem.

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