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Can we schedule Splunk to monitor a lookup?


Can we schedule Splunk to monitor a lookup? I have 1 CSV file and that CSV file will be recreated everyday (not updated but totally recreated). i need the new data and compare the data to one of my index. How do i do this? Creating an index would not be good idea as there are 23 CSVs and moreover comparing 2 indexes is quite complicated. Any ideas how to solve this?

please ask if you need more info.

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Re: Can we schedule Splunk to monitor a lookup?


maybe, check time-based lookup...
Configure a time-based lookup
File-based and external lookups can also be time-based (or temporal), if the field matching depends on time information (a field in the lookup table that represents the timestamp).

To Configure a time-based lookup, select Configure time-based lookup, then specify the Name of the time field. You can also specify a strptime format for this time information and offsets for the time matching.

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