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Can we include maxtime(present in limits.conf) as an argument to format command to increase the subsearch execution time?



I am fairly new to splunk. I am trying to execute a subsearch. As a simple debug this is what I tried:
Query - earliest=-2y eventtype="someevent" . this query returns 329,916 events, however when I try this search as a subsearch-
[search earliest=-2y eventtype="someevent"] This returns 587 results. So is it the due to the time limitation of subsearch ( which defaults to 60 secs). Also, is there some way to include maxtime for subsearch, like we can give maxresults using format command?

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The limitation of the number of events can be due to the time limitation of the subsearch.
To change the maxtime or other subsearch attributes edit limits.conf in $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/system/local/
and this is how the stanza to modified looks like.


maximum number of results to return from a subsearch

maxout = 10000

maximum number of seconds to run a subsearch before finalizing

maxtime = 60

time to cache a given subsearch's results

ttl = 300

NOTE:If the file do not exist you can create it.

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