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Can we combine two reports into one PDF or CSV file?


I have two different searches which I have saved as reports and scheduled it to run every Monday, but can I get both of these reports combined into a single pdf or csv. Is it possible in Splunk?

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Well It depends upon you searches. If they are not super big OR takes lot of time to execute, you can append results of both using append command and export /email as single CSV.

search 1 | append [search 2]

And you can create a dashboard with two panels, one for each report search and schedule PDF delivery

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Yes ,that is when both have same fields in the results,but my searches are totally different from other ,one calculates the average time and the other count of a field,if we do a append it combines the result but it does not have any format and the same is sent when saved and scheduled as report

My requirement is like

|stats count by name

a 20
b 40
c 50

and this is saved as report


|chart count of type

abc 4

qwe 3

and save as report

now these two combine using an append will ultimately combine the results but when you save as report by a csv .the csv does not show seperate results right?

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