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Can the default be a new search in multiselect?

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Hi Everyone!

alt text

Like you, I have a text box (Splunk Field) that can get the value as a token by clicking from the table on the left side.
The token is $splunkField$

I defined multiselect (Mapping options) that contain list of values I get from a search.

| inputlookup append=t $fldMappingSet$.csv | fields soc3dField

My question is, can I display in the multiselect values from a new search as default?
I mean according to the token in the textbox I want the multiselect that will choose the values by default (with another search )

| inputlookup append=t MappingDemo.csv | search customField=$splunkField$  | fields soc3dField

Like this for example:
alt text

I hope I've explained myself well.

Thank you all!!

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Add this to your dashboard and check.

  <query>| inputlookup append=t MappingDemo.csv | search customField=$splunkField$ | fields soc3dField | stats values(soc3dField) as defaultValue | eval defaultValue=mvjoin(" ,")</query>
    <set token="defaultValue">$result.defaultValue$</set>

Set default value to..


Hope this helps!!!


@hketer are you looking for something like the following old answer or mine?

Comma separated values in the Text Box is ued to select the values in the multiselect: https://answers.splunk.com/answers/582644/how-do-i-populate-a-multiselect-input-box-with-dri.html

| makeresults | eval message= "Happy Splunking!!!"
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Hey @niketnilay !

I don't think its the same

this is part of the XML I have

      <set token="customm">$row.SOC3D field name$</set>
      <set token="splunkField">$row.SPLUNK field name$</set>
  <title>Update Mapping Set</title>
  <input type="text" token="splunkFieldText" id="splunkFieldID" searchWhenChanged="false">
    <label>Splunk Field</label>
  <input type="multiselect" token="MappMultiSelect" searchWhenChanged="false">
    <label>Mapping options</label>
      <query>| inputlookup append=t $fldMappingSet$.csv | fields soc3dField</query>
    <delimiter> ,</delimiter>
            <!-- Set the $show_chart$ token when the link is clicked, also unset the $show_table$ token -->
            <a href="#" class="btn btn-primary" data-set-token="UpdateLookup" data-value="show" data-unset-token="show_table">
                Update Mapping Set
  <table depends="$UpdateLookup$">
    <search base="Update_Mapping"></search>

I want the default to be a different query.

I've tried to add
and some other labels under the

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