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Can We have different Time Range Picker According to Screens

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I have 5 Screens.

For Screen 1,2 and 3 I want "Real Time" option in Time Range Picker.

But for Screen 4 and 5, I don't want "Real Time" option in Time Range Picker.

These options are configured in times.conf which is there for whole application's screens.

Can I have different times,conf in one application according to different screen requirements.

Thanks in advance!

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From my knowledge, times.conf is just for configuring time ranges. It sounds like you require a number of different TimeRangePickers. I believe that there is only one TimeRangePicker module at the moment so you will not be able to achieve what you are asking (although this could be very handy). Maybe this could be done by creating a custom module but this may be a lot of work.

For now, I would just set each screen to have a default value for the TimeRangePicker.

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