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Can I match multiple patterns with regex in the same search to extract fields from logs?


I have a requirement where I need to search all logs to match a set of patterns and extract some values. Is there something in Splunk to help with same?

For eg: below are various search patterns I would like to find in logs (and there are 100s of these). If there is any match, print the value matching a regex and the pattern that was matched.

Input Patterns:

Error in CUSIP ## *([A-Za-z0-9]{9})* (Wrong model model indicatives not found)
*([A-Za-z0-9]{9})* does not have up shift cashflow, pass
CUSIP ([A-Za-z0-9]{9}) is not in input file
ValueError: Missing cashflow for scenario opt cusip ([A-Za-z0-9]{9})
ssm_id ([A-Za-z0-9]{9}). has error:.. doSetYieldCurve:ERROR: :ERROR: Cannot get rates for intex
,([A-Za-z0-9]{9}),[0-9]+ loans out of [0-9]+ were using group/deal level curves


Value        |   pattern
123456789    |    ## Error in CUSIP ## 123456789 (Wrong model model indicatives not found)
1AB456789    |    ## Error in CUSIP ## 1AB456789 (Wrong model model indicatives not found)
123456789    |   123456789   does not have up shift cashflow, pass

thanks, Sanchit

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