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Calculate difference between TIME in host x and TIME in host y


host y contain name tag: ELT (Value: milliseconds)

host x contain name tag: ELT (Value: seconds)

Common identifier in the two hosts are F5I

How do I calculate the difference between ELT in host Y and ELT in host X?

I have tried this search:

host=x | JOIN F5I [ search host=y ]|EVAL yELT=ELT/1000 |TABLE host SVC ELT yELT

But the value of 'ELT' above is the value of ELT in host Y - and I want the value of ELT in host X - in order to calculate the difference - how do I do that?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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found the solution myself!

Put a rename ELT AS YELT into the subsearch - then I can get both the ELT from x and ELT from y
- and thereby calculate the difference between yELT and xELT

host=x | JOIN F5I [ search host=y |rename ELT AS YELT ] |TABLE host SVC ELT YELT

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