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Calculate average count by hour & day combined



I am wanting to calculate the average count of "incidents" per hour/day (i.e. Mon-07:00, Mon-08:00) over a 12 month period. I am using a date field that is not my timestamp. This is the syntax I have so far, any help would be appreciated.

| eval log_day=strftime(strptime(DATE_ENTERED,"%Y-%m-%d %H:%M"),"%a-%H:00")
| eval sort_field=case(log_day LIKE "%Mon%",1, log_day LIKE "%Tues%",2, log_day LIKE "%Wed%",3, log_day LIKE "%Thu%",4, log_day LIKE "%Fri%",5, log_day LIKE "%Sat%",6, log_day LIKE "%Sun%",7) 
 | stats count by log_day sort_field

So essentially at the moment this search is telling how many incidents I have had in total for Mon-07:00 etc. but I need the average amount per day across the 12 month window. The sort field is only there to ensure the days of the week are in order (Mon to Sun).


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It would help if you posted a sample event, as I think you're being a needlessly complex with the timestamp wrangling. That said, what I think you should do is create a field for the day-hour and a field for the day, then throw in a couple of eventstats to get the average per day. Here's a run anywhere example

|  gentimes start=01/01/2017 end=12/30/2017 increment=1h
|  eval dow_hour=strftime(starttime,"%a-%H"), dow=strftime(starttime,"%a")
|  fields dow dow_hour
|  eventstats count as total_events
|  eventstats count(eval(match(dow_hour,"00"))) as dows by dow
|  eval avg=total_events/dows
|  stats count as events_by_dow_hour max(avg) as average_events_by_dow max(dows) as dows max(total_events)  by dow_hour dow

These will more or less all be the same because I've just done one event per hour - but throw that at your data and you should see something relevant. Note eventstats can get hairy on large events sets - you may be better off appending multiple stats searches together. If the result set is not to large its perfectly safe.

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Give a try with below query..

| makeresults
|eval weekdata=mvappend("2018-07-22 13:09:04","2018-07-22 12:09:04","2018-07-22 01:09:04","2018-07-22 20:09:04","2018-07-22 21:09:04","2018-07-22 22:09:04","2018-07-22 23:09:04","2018-07-22 24:09:04","2018-07-23 13:09:04","2018-07-24 13:09:04","2018-07-25 13:09:04","2018-07-26 13:09:04","2018-07-27 13:09:04","2018-07-28 13:09:04","2018-07-29 13:09:04","2018-07-30 13:09:04")
| mvexpand weekdata
| eval week_hours =  strftime(strptime(weekdata, "%Y-%m-%d %H" ), "%H")
| eval week =  strftime(strptime(weekdata, "%Y-%m-%d" ), "%A")
| eval week_in_number =  strftime(strptime(weekdata, "%Y-%m-%d" ), "%w") 
| eval data_forcount=case(week_hours=13 AND weekdata="2018-07-22 13:09:04",13,week_hours=12 AND weekdata="2018-07-22 12:09:04",12,week_hours=13,10) 
| stats avg(data_forcount) as data_forcount,values(week_in_number) as week_in_number by week,week_hours
|  sort week_in_number
| table week,week_hours,data_forcount


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