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CPU utilization


There are some liberty services and in some host we have many microservice , I want to monitor CPU / memory usage in the particular host , is there a splunk query that will help me get this

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I am sorry if my questions are naive , but after some working around I was able to extract some CPU information


index=oslogs AND host=xxxxxx AND sourcetype=top AND pctCPU>0 | stats avg(pctCPU) as avgCPU by PID


however the PID will change on redeployment and restart of service , is there a way to get the process name to get the same query

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Hi @ARaman77 you should provide us some more details.. the logs from the systems are already ingested to splunk or not yet? did you use some add-ons? 

if the CPU/memory logs are already ingested to splunk, then, you can run some search query and show us how the logs look like, so that we can fine-tune and get the cpu/memory details you wanted. 

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