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At which layer lookup works?

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Hi There,
Could anyone help me understand at which Splunk layer lookup works, I mean at input layer, indexer layer or search layer.


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Lookups are created at search layer


Note - Maintain and Housekeep lookups on a regular basis. It creates bundles on INDEXER servers with huge amount of space.
Keep an eye on %SPLUNK_HOME%\var\run\searchpeers (on your INDEXER servers) which is a reflection of your lookup volumes (created on SEARCH servers)

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Lookups work in the indexer and/or the search layer depending on how your search is written and on what you are looking up from the lookup

you have a "hostcategory" lookup that has host, category

if you search: index=your_index | lookup hostcategory host OUTPOUT category | stats count by category
this will use the lookup in the indexer.

on the other hand if you search: index=your_index | stats count by host | lookup hostcategory host OUTPOUT category
this will use the lookup in the search head since its being used after and aggregation function.

More information from docs:

Hope I was able to help you. If so, some karma would be appreciated.
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