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Aligning resulsts after a transaction and lookup with multiple values

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I am having a very difficult time trying to align fields after a transaction command that is using a lookup with multiple values.
I have a search that uses a transaction command based off an IP address and looks for more than one unique ID in the transaction. I then do a lookup against the unique ID to pull back additional fields like first name, last name, email, etc.

The result set I am trying to get should look something like this.

 IP unique_id   firstname   lastname    email
IP_1    id_1    id_1_firstname  id_1_lastname   id_1_email
    id_2    id_2_firstname  id_2_lastname   id_2_email
    id_3    id_3_firstname  id_3_lastname   id_3_email

What I am getting is the following where the fields in the rows do not match up to the corresponding uniq_id.

IP  unique_id   firstname   lastname    email
IP_1    id_1    id_2_firstname  id_3_lastname   id_1_email
    id_2    id_3_firstname  id_1_lastname   id_3_email
    id_3    id_1_firstname  id_2_lastname   id_2_email

I have tried using table, stats, and stats using the values function but cannot seem to get it correct.
Here is an example of what I have tried.
search … | transaction maxspan=6h ip keepevicted=t | where mvcount(unique_id)>1 | lookup local=t userlookup USER AS unique_id | stats values(unique_id) values(FIRSTNAME), values(LASTNAME), values(EMAIL) by ip

Any suggestions would be appreciated..

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I would do this differently altogether...

| stats count by IP unique_id
| eventstats dc(unique_id) as idCount by IP
| where idCount > 1
| fields - idCount
| lookup local=t userlookup USER AS unique_id 

The transaction command can get quite slow over large data sets, and it creates multi-valued fields (which is what is causing you such grief). The solution avoids both of those problems.

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Thank you, this search is way more efficient. I think I will wait until I can upgrade to 6.x and use some of the pivot features to to get the output looking the way I want. The current results now at least let me accurately export to Excel.

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