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After setting up several eventtypes with the same tag, why am I getting a NULL eventtype when trying to use timechart?

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Hi all!

I've set up several eventtypes with the same tag. I'm now trying to use timechart but getting unexpected NULL eventtype.

Search example:

host="production" tag="mytag" | timechart span=1w count by eventtype

Somehow this is coming back with a NULL eventtype, despite the search alone returning as expected. All of the eventtypes start with the same word (e.g. "myevent_100", "myevent_101", etc.) so I also tried this and get the same strange NULL on the timechart:

host="production" eventtype="myevent*" | timechart span=1w count by eventtype

What am I missing here? Thanks!

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Problem here is that eventtype can be multivalued and is otherwise "special" as a knowledge object. You can try doing

host="production" eventtype="myevent*"
| eval SingleValueEventtype=mvindex(0, eventtype)
| timechart span=1w count by SingleValueEventtype

I wrestled with this one a long time ago. Lookups by eventtype are also very problematic.

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