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Add a link to another dashboard in the NEW dashboard Studio that has teh same time period of the master dashboard


Hello Everyone I hope you are having a great day,

This new dashboaard studio feature is GREAT 10/10 but I'm having a little of trouble when I  want a visualization to be linked to another dashboard and also show the data within the same time period as the main dashboard,


What I did before was to set the earlist and latest time token to the one on the main dashboard...but in the new dashboard studio I cant seem to find that feature I rather have something called: 



Currently using Global Time Range input
$global_time.earliest$ - $global_time.latest$


so I already tried parshing this info in he URL of the desired link dashboard without any luck... I dont know if some of you know the way to have the new linked dashboard to show values in the same time period of the main dashboard using the new feature dashboard studio!


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