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Add a comment to a search?


I'm working on a really large search right now (on the order of 35 lines long). Is there a good way to insert a comment into a search query to remind a future search editor what is going on?

There doesn't seem to be a | comment command.

perhaps | rex field=bogus "This could be a comment" ?

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Updated Answer for Splunk 6.5.0+

`comment("THIS IS A COMMENT")` 


Example from the documentation :

source=usgs `comment("source is the us geological service (usgs)")`
| eval Description=case(depth<=70, "Shallow", depth>70 AND depth<=300, "Mid", 
  depth>300, "Deep") 
  `comment("Creates field Description. Case function specifies earthquake 
  depths, returns Description values - Shallow, Mid, Deep.")`
| stats count min(mag) max(mag) `comment("Counts earthquakes, displays min 
  and max magnitudes")` BY Description 

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