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phantom_forward.py called without the correct set of parameters.

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Hi all, Splunk 7.3.1, ES version 5.3.0, Phantom 4.5.15922.
I have ES configured to use the 'Send to Phantom' action for a couple of correlation searches.
But... I keep seeing this in the _internal logs and no events showing in Phantom.
ERROR phantom_forward:125 - /opt/splunk/etc/apps/phantom/bin/scripts/phantom_forward.py called without the correct set of parameters.
I have tried re-configuring the auth-token, and it tests fine.

Is anyone able to help on this one?

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After I started ingesting the internal Phantom and Splunk logs into another Splunk machine I did some checking around.
Found that an incorrect label was causing the ingestion errors, but Im still getting the error above, every minute.

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