Splunk SOAR (f.k.a. Phantom)

Why does SOAR Prompts Pop-Up?

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Within Splunk:Soar(Phantom), is there a way to have a prompt message pop-up for the user running the playbook, as opposed to having to go up to notifications then click the prompt notification to open it.


The idea being that when certain playbooks are launched from workbooks, the prompt will supply the user with a form that will affect the actions/outcomes of the playbook.  While having the promp directly pop-up isn't necessary for this, it would be QOL and help with confusion of new users.

I could have sworn I saw this type of feature during a SOAR demo by Splunk, but can't find it documented anywhere if it exists.

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@083R0N this is not something I have seen in the platform before. However I believe there are some prompt enhancements due but i have no ETA on them as a lot of the promised roadmap items have yet to appear but 6.0 is round the corner so maybe there will be a shift there?

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