Splunk SOAR (f.k.a. Phantom)

Questions about Phantom License: Counting User Seat (User Base)

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi Team, Could you please help me with the questions about Counting User Seat.
Also, If there is, It is happy to tell me the documents related to these questions.

Q1. If the customer uses Phantom with External Authentication, for example, SAML or LDAP, the users, who login to Phantom via SAML or LDAP, are counted as User Seat?

Q2. If the number of users, who login to Phantom via SAML or LDAP, exceeded the number of User Seat of their User Base License,
What the phenomenon does face users?
For example, the Exceeded users can not Login to Phantom?

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We have an unlimited user license, so I cannot comment on Q2.

However, for every user who you setup on Phantom is indeed counted- even though you are using external auth.

When you create a user, you are doing it on Phantom itself. Only difference is that this user is either marked as a local account, automation account or you are using external auth such as SAML or LDAP etc.

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