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Issues with network shares and WRM SOAR app


I'm trying to create a playbook that uses the Windows Remote Management app to take a file saved locally on a server and move it to a location on a network share. I've tried using different command and Powershell options and the WRM app's built-in action 'copy-item' and none of them work. 

I can run these commands and scripts locally on the server logged-in as the user that would be performing these actions through SOAR and everything works fine. I can also have SOAR move the file from a local folder to another local folder and everything works fine. It's only when I ask SOAR to move it to a network share it will not work.

Examples of what I'm doing: 

    Move-Item -Path C:\folder\file.txt -Destination \\servername\sharename 

This script will work fine locally, but will not through SOAR.

   Move-Item -Path C:\folder\file.txt -Destination C:\differentfolder\file.txt

This script will work fine both locally and through SOAR.

I've tried mapping the drive so I can use M:\file.txt and it still fails. I've asked SOAR to run the commands directly and also have tried letting SOAR run a script that uses these commands and it will not work. It doesn't seem to be a permission issue since I'm able to do all of this locally. 

I'm lost at what else I can try or what else to look for as possible issues. Thanks for any help.

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