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Unable to resolve host when cloning the azure devops repo

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Hello all,

I am trying to clone the azure devops repo into the splunk phantom and getting the following error. Pl, can someone guide me.
Thank you

Error: {"failed": true, "message": "Invalid URI \"https://devops@dev.azure.com/devops/Phantom/_git/CyberSecurity\": Could not connect to repo \"https://devops@dev.azure.com/devops/Phantom/_git/CyberSecurity\"": Cmd('git') failed due to: exit code(128)\n cmdline: git ls-remote --heads https://------:***@devops@dev.azure.com/devops/Phantom/_git/CyberSecurity\" master\n stderr: 'fatal: unable to access 'https://----:***@cedcx@dev.azure.com/devops/Phantom/_git/CyberSecurity\"/': Could not resolve host: devops@dev.azure.com; Name or service not known'"}

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Are you connecting with credentials or via ssh keys?

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