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Install the latest Cisco ISE app in Splunk Phantom

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Good day!
I will need to install Cisco ISE in Splunk Phantom. I have the new instance of Splunk Phantom installed, which is great!, but now I need to install Cisco ISE. Does anyone have the steps to proceed with the installation? Thanks a lot.


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There are 2 ways, but the simples way is to navigate to the Apps page, type ISE into the search bar and then click on the unconfigured tab and the app should be there ready for you to create an asset and start using it. 

The other way is to go here: https://my.phantom.us/4.10/apps/ and grab the tgz file and install directly, but only if it doesn't exist already (which it likely will unless you installed Phantom without any apps).

Hope this helped!

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hi @geinermiranda,

Check this page for all the info on installing the Cisco ISE add-on.


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