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why different timezone showing in scheduled searches for my user ?


Hi Team,
I have verified the props.conf and access controls---users---timezone for my user all kept correctly .
Actually for my user the Time zone showing EST but as a admin if try to open all the scheduled searches about the user i can see CEST. i am not sure , why it's showing for the user differently. any guess why it's showing different for user how to resolve it

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Is is taking the reference of your system time. Make sure your server timezone is synced up with the scheduled search timezone.

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Thanks for the Support but please let me know the path how to set the user time zone as EST instead CEST as a admin.i have tried the above one bye going to access controls---users---timezone but still the user able to see EST only as a admin if i check my end i can see in CEST is it possible to sync user(system) time zone with server time zone ?

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