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splunk app for web analytics : sourcetype "ms:iis:auto" configuration instead of "iis"

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Hi ,

Currently, all our webserver (iis server) log events are configured with sourcetype "ms:iis:auto" but default splunk web analytics app inbuilt sourcetype is "iis" . I have followed the app documentation but data is not fetching out while selecting generate users sessions option.

modified eventtype configurations:
web-traffic sourcetype="aws:cloudfront:accesslogs" OR sourcetype="apache:access" OR sourcetype="iis" OR sourcetype="ms:iis:auto" OR sourcetype="access_combined" OR sourcetype="access_common" OR sourcetype="access_combined_wcookie"

Is there any other configuration steps required for Splunk App for Web Analytics app work with "ms:iis:auto" sourcetype ?


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