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Hi team,

I have installed UF and add on for windows and getting server data to my splunk instance.....

are there any use cases on monitoring and forecast predicting using MLTK for this data...??

this is the server data.....
and the data is generated by add on windows....

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Hi @punithjigali,
if you have the ITSI, there are many Use Cases already available for Windows OS.

If you haven't the ITSI, I hint to install the Splunk App for Windows Infrastructure that contains many dashboards.

In addition, it's possible to implement using Windows logs:

  • login, logout and logfails,
  • extract server configurations,
  • installed applications,
  • servers status,
  • excessive use of resources (CPUs, RAM, HDs, etc...)
  • etc...

Your question should be send to a Windows administrator not to a Splunk developer: ask to a Windows administrator what he needs and realize this with Splunk.
In addition you could ask to a Security Manager what are the security Use Cases he needs: brute force, non active users, etc...

At the end, see in apps.splunk.com if there are Apps that are interesting for you and start from them.


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