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Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit: Error in Loading custom algorithm


When trying a custom algorithm on the Machine Learning Toolkit I'm getting the error
Error in 'fit' command: Error while initializing algorithm "test": Failed to load algorithm "algos.test".
The algorithm is registered. I have all the right versions of the required packages. I have added the pymc library as the code uses functions from this library.

What else could be causing this issue?

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have you installed Python for Scientific Computing? please install it as per your OS

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the error comes from the fit command not finding the algorithm file at all. are permissions set correctly ? is the algorithm file in the MLTK or a 2nd app ?

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I'm having this same issue and it is occurring in a custom 2nd app (barebones setup).  I have the MLTK installed along with the accompanying package for scientific computing.  

I've created a custom Splunk app (barebones) from the Splunk UI.  I've added a custom algorithm in the algos subdirectory and modified the algos.conf (added [MyAlgorithm]) appropriately.  When I try to call this algorithm from the Spunk UI Search box using fit it can't load the algorithm (doesn't even get to running the code). This all works fine if I do the same thing in the  Splunk_ML_Toolkit app (put the algorithm there etc).  Is there some permissions setting I'm missing or something?
02-10-2022 16:15:08.046 ERROR dispatchRunner [15506 MainThread] - RunDispatch::runDispatchThread threw error: Error in 'fit' command: Error while initializing algorithm "MyAlgorithm": Failed to load algorithm "algos.MyAlgorithm"


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I have installed it as per my OS.
I'm using Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit version 3.4.0 and Python for Scientific Computing version 1.13.

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