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Splunk Insights for Infrastructure - adding older Windows (2008, 2003)

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Hello Splunkers

Is it possible to add older Windows Server versions to Insights for Infrastructure? I have couple of 2008 and 2003 servers at the client's site and looking for a way to implement Splunk based monitoring and alerting in his infrastructure.
I see those versions are not supported out of the box (with the powershell autoconfig script), but can I use older Universal Forwarders and configure them manually? WMI metrics should be available with the same names I guess. Anybody tried that? Any tips?

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Hi @marek_boka

It will work fine as long as the perform counters are the same ("CPU" might have a slightly different name). You will need to configure the inputs.conf to convert the counters to metrics (or you can just copy the inputs.conf that is generated by the Insights for infrastructure script.

The exact info is here: https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/InfraApp/1.2.2/Admin/ManualInstallWindowsUF


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