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Hi Splunkers,

When I jump from the Service Analyzer to a Deep Dive, ITSI uses a standard configuration to visualise the KPIs. I would like to change this for all services and possibly also set it as the default setting for new services.

As an example, here is an option that I would like to change:

2021-06-07 11_40_32-Deep Dive _ Splunk.png2021-06-07 11_40_49-Deep Dive _ Splunk.png


In the URL of the Deep Dive, a DeepDiveID is specified, but this cannot be found in the Rest API.


curl -k -u admin:password https://localhost:8089/servicesNS/nobody/SA-ITOA/itoa_interface/deep_dive/

 Where are these settings set in the ITSI, or are they stored directly in javascript?

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