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Splunk ITSI Alerting-is a way to trigger a notable event, when the status is critical,?

While configuring #splunk_itsi KPI, under the thresholding section there is an option to Enable KPI Alerting.
As below, the notable event is created when the severity changes from any lower level to critical.


My question is that if there is a way to trigger a notable event, when the status is critical, regardless of the state it was before.
In other words, when the severity remains critical from the 1st check point to the second check point, i need a notable event to be created in this case as well, is that possible ?.
After configuring #splunk_itsi correlation search as described here , i wasn't able to see notable events created in the episode review.
I have already configured the search in the correlation search, and added associated services, so the final search is as below:
index="itsi_summary" kpi IN ("SH * RAM Static","SH * CPU Adaptive","SH * CPU Static","SH * RAM Adaptive","SH * SWAP") alert_level>1
| `filter_maintenance_services("400f819c-f739-4ffc-a25c-86d48362fef8,917c4030-a422-4645-851e-a5b2b5c7f3cd,7fb610b4-15f2-4d21-b035-b4857c9effef,28aa0103-fb41-4382-ab07-c637c16d3d85,bfe94d80-daf5-43b8-8318-dc881fd30128,b3c8562a-d1d6-465a-b0c7-4a28ba7f4612,225e7eb6-2f7c-4f0f-9221-75b1e8471053,a0826af0-2100-44a4-9b51-558bff966bb7,dcb38bc4-e930-4776-92a8-5de0d50cdc5e,721cb2c5-43fa-4419-9dde-a33a467d7770,328b9170-18d3-4b50-9968-01b1e087f955")`
When i run the search it returns the events, so i am not expecting something wrong in the search query.
What am i missing, in order to get the notable events visible in the episodes review tab?
Appreciate your help.
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