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Splunk IT Service Intelligence: Warning showing up after any search

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Hi all,

Sometimes the following warning shows up after searching no matter what search I have done.

[subsearch]: Unknown error for indexer: Indexer_03. Search Results might be incomplete! If this occurs frequently, check on the peer. 

Does anyone have any idea about it? Thanks.

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Go to Settings -> Distributed search -> Search peers and see what that tells you.
Also get onto your Monitoring Console and run all of the Heath Checks and poke around on the Indexer dashboards.

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You are getting this error always from the same peer i.e. Indexer_03 in your case OR this is varying with your searches ?
As this might happen that the searched data is corrupted on the primary buckets of this peer.

Also, are you running dashboards OR too many queries at once ? or this is happening with singular query as well.

See this post here, it might help you -

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Can you mark as answer if your query is resolved by this OR let me know if you have further ask ?

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