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Splunk IT Service Intelligence: How does ITSI licensing works?

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I have a Splunk environment with 50 GB daily enterprise license. I am planning to use ITSI in my environment. ITSI will be installed on a dedicated Search Head and it will search data from my indexer.

My environment consists of a Search Head, an Indexer and a Heavy Forwarder and planning for one dedicated Search Head for ITSI.

I am required to buy an ITSI license but I am not sure, how it works. Does it works by volume of indexed data it searches or it works like valid for so and so time and indexed data has no effect on it?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Splunk ITSI is licensed by daily indexing volume, just like Splunk Enterprise. “Daily Indexing Volume” means the daily aggregate volume of uncompressed data for indexing. See Licensed capacity and limitations on the Splunk web site, as well as How Splunk licensing works in the Splunk Enterprise Admin Manual.