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Service template unlinking option needs to be added

1. We tried creating service template and linked a service to it.
But there is no option unlink . If we opt for delete its gonna delete the service .
FYI: I know there is an option to modify the service and link between that service and service template will be broken. 
It would be easier if we can add unlink option 


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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi @luminadsouza13 , that's correct, so far, there is no direct way to unlink them. At least, per the ITSI 4.7.1 documentation, here are the options that we have. 

There's no direct method to unlink a service from a template. You can only unlink a service by performing one of the following actions:

Deleting the service template
Linking the service to a different service template
Modifying the name of a linked KPI
Modifying the base search of a linked KPI
Modifying any settings in the KPI Search and Calculate section, including enabling backfill
Deleting a KPI that's linked to the template


You might want to submit this enhancement request via Splunk IdeasSplunk Ideas replaces the need to log a P4 enhancement request ticket with Splunk Support


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Thanks Splunk team. Wanted to check if this feature is going to be added to splunk ITSI? 

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