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Refresh queue at 33635, entities/ services not working or updating


I work for a company with a clustered environment of around 9 indexers and 3 search heads, with a cluster master and deployment server + deployer.

Recently none of our services or entities work together, well, the new ones don’t, all services created prior to the 26th Nov still work with their entities.

Our entity list does not update with its linked service when an entity is linked. A duplicate of a service that is working, will not work either.

We realised it was an issue with our refresh queue, mainly on entity_service jobs, what is the best way forward, to delete the queue? We would like to know what the issue is but for now all we have to go on is that the refresh queue has been increasing since 26th Nov. 
Are we advised to refresh / delete the queue? Is this advised if the root of the problem is still unknown

I have been trying to look and find what is causing this issue but to no avail.

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