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Not get full entities and services sample after restore a ITSI Content Pack.

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Hello, everyone.

I has been restored ITSI Content Pack in a fresh install ITSI.
But, after i restore. It does not have entities. There are many services in it, but each one only have one KPI.

alt text

alt text

Because at first, i think i will get many entities and services in it. And each service have many defined KPI in it.
But, i was wrong. So, the question is.

Are there another ITSI Content Pack that have full entities and services, instead of i use right now.
I need that, because i will use it as base for implementing ITSI.

Thank you

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi Rendi, can you elaborate what you mean by "i think i will get many entities and services in it"? A content pack can't include entities because entities represent your individual infrastructure components. We can't provide those to you - you need to ingest them into ITSI yourself. 

Content packs are meant to help you set up ITSI after you have your data flowing in. The docs for each content pack have specific data requirements which show you how to get the required data flowing into ITSI so you can make the content pack work. 


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