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No Entity found against a service in ITSI



I am trying to create a service using a service template, so that I can use the same KPIs( in the template) against the set of hosts that is matching my entity rules in my newly created service. 

However, when I am trying to view this service from a service analyzer, I see my service in grayed out and NO entities are being populated against the KPIs in my service. But other services ( previously created by someone else) using the same service template is working fine. 

Here are the below troubleshooting steps that I checked already -

1. Opened the KPI searches separately in a search window and have searched against my entities separately by adding '| search host= "my entitryname''  ' And it is returning values. 


2. Opened some of the matched entities in the Entities page. I checked the 'Assigned Service(s)' setting from the Edit Entity option.  I can see other ( previously created) by someone else) services are assigned with the entities. But My service is not listed there against the entities.  Though I can see the entities listed from the entity rule option when I open the services. 

Please help to solve this. 

I am very new to ITSI and trying  to learn ITSI. So please pardon, if this is a very basic question that I am struggling with. 

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Facing the same issue, not sure if this is due to the latest ITSI 4.4.5 upgrade or anything related to episodes limits post-upgrade.

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