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Issue with Service Health Score in ITSI

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We are experiencing issues with services' health score alternating between 0 and 100 in the Service Analyzer in ITSI.
The health scores shows 0 even though all the underlying KPIs are ok. This happens for all of our defined services. The simplest case is shown below. Here we have a service "Azure Status" with only one defined KPI: "AzureStatus".

alt text

We recently updated to 3.0.0, but experienced the same issue before the upgrade (version 2.4.0).

Anyone ideas what would cause this or what the issue is?

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It turned out our dev. SH kept writing to the itsi_summary index. ITSI is installed and the services are defined, but not all of the inputs are in place. The result was two log entries a minute, one with the right service health score and one constantly at zero, causing the health score to be incorrectly calculated.

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