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Is it possible to make ITSI service score for periods in the past in Splunk IT Service Intelligence?

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After ITSI installation I created some KPIs which are displaying fine in DeepDives with option «Accelerate Using KPI Summary» being turned off. But “ServiceHealthScore” is not having any data in the index “itsi_summary” for the period before service creation. I want to see ServiceHealthScore for the time before service creation, is it possible to make ITSI service score for periods in the past?

Thank you.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

You should be able to do this if you have ITSI v4.1.0 or newer.
On 4.1.0, what you will want to do is:
1. Go to the service you want to create health scores before service creation
2. For each of the KPIs in that service, go to KPI configuration -> go to the backfill step.
3. For each KPI, choose an appropriate period of time to backfill against from before the service was created. E.g. if you created the service on 10/23/19, you can choose 10/09/19 thus backfilling the KPI for the 14 days of data
4. After backfill has completed for all of the KPIs (you will be notified in the Messages for Splunk Web), go to the settings tab in Service definition
5. For the backfill section in the settings tab, backfill for an equivalent period of time as you did for the KPIs above.

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