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Import entities from a Splunk search in ITSI - problem with filtering

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I'm trying to create entities (servers) from search, i'm importing fields as title, alias and info. Problem is when in some column there is more than one value. In this case i cannot filter out entities using this field, nevertheles if improt this as alias or info field.

I have noticed also, when i add alias field manually (the same content, just copy paste) filtering works for me. Even regular expressions work also like a charm (which is important for me). So looks like the problem is when entities (fields) are imported and there is column which has more than one value.
had anyone have similar problem? Or there is some known limitation?
Thanks for any help.

Splunk 8.0
ITSI 4.4.1
Windows 2016
java 64bit 1.8.0_241

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