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ITSI service modeling and KPI


trying to model a simple service I have found a little issue. The entities that compose the service are feeded from two source (windows add-on and SAI). The first one create events the second one metrics, so I cannot use the same search for CPU, memory and so on.
I suppose a single service that contains this entities should have double kpi's (one for event, one for metrics), or I can create a service that correspond at a single server with its proper kpi.

alt text

Could be the second options a valid solution or there is another way ?
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Its little trickier. The single service will have all the KPIs but if you configure the entities properly, the KPIs will resolve to the corresponding servers. 

Entities should be tagged with different key names like

host_event  - server1

host_metric - server2

and base searches has to be split/resolved with the corresponding key.

while creating the service, you will have to choose entity rules (OR) combination with above entity keys.

You also need to tweak entity details page.

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Anyone has a service with entities that get data from different sources ?

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