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ITSI service health score is none when service configure from a service template.


When I configure a service from a service template.

ITSI's service health score is disppear. But KPI result is correct.
After a long time is gone , servce health score of Service Analyzer page is none.

I use base search, find no new service kpi health score generated when there is new service from service template.

index=itsi_summary | table _time serviceid kpiid health_score itsi_kpi_id kpi | sort - _time

Then , I remove the service from service template and restart splunk server. Sevice health score recover.
This case appeared for itsi 4.4.3 . Splunk server is 8.0.3
When itsi version is 4.1.2, it is normal to configure new service from a service template, Sevice health can generate by Scheduling reports name service_health_score.

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By many times test to find cause about service health score. When KPI name is include chinese char, ITSI appear abnormal to calculate service health score.

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