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ITSI UI Speed with large number of services

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We are seeing some extremely slow behavior in the ITSI UI. I'm wondering if anyone has had a similar experience or tips to address.

For background, we have 3 search heads in a cluster running ITSI. In our instance we have approximately 1300 services and around 12000 entities at the moment. All our services are running off base searches and templates, so hopefully reasonably optimized. Also, we're on Splunk 7.3 and ITSI 4.4.

We are seeing the UI, in Chrome 63, is extremely laggy/slow whenever trying to do something that requires services to be listed or searched. For example, when you try to filter in the Service Analyzer or in the Configure->Services page. Also, not sure it matters, but we have about 80-100 trees that are no deeper than 4 levels deep as far as dependencies goes.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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