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ITSI Predictive Analysis - Failed to train KPI models: The index into SearchResult is invalid.


Ola Splunkers,

Getting below error while training the KPI models for predictive analysis in ITSI...

alt text

Observed the following error in the job inspector log...

04-16-2019 00:46:24.673 ERROR DispatchThread - The index into SearchResult is invalid.
04-16-2019 00:46:24.674 INFO  UserManager - Setting user context: masked
04-16-2019 00:46:24.674 INFO  UserManager - Done setting user context: NULL -> maksed
04-16-2019 00:46:24.674 INFO  UserManager - Unwound user context: masked -> NULL
04-16-2019 00:46:24.688 INFO  DispatchThread - Downloading all remote search.log files took 0.014 seconds
04-16-2019 00:46:24.694 INFO  DispatchManager - DispatchManager::dispatchHasFinished(id='1555375562.1700', username='masked')
04-16-2019 00:46:24.756 INFO  UserManager - Unwound user context: masked -> NULL
04-16-2019 00:46:24.760 INFO  PipelineComponent - Process delayed by 21.569 seconds, perhaps system was suspended?
04-16-2019 00:46:24.760 ERROR dispatchRunner - RunDispatch::runDispatchThread threw error: The index into SearchResult is invalid.

Following checks are already done:

  • Splunkd process is running as splunk user
  • No errors observed in the splunkd log.

Any help is appreciated.


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Hi, I had the same issue with Splunk 7.0.3 and ITSI 4.2. Please check the issue ITSI-2309 on https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/ITSI/4.0.3/ReleaseNotes/Knownissues#Predictive_Analytics. Let us know if that helps.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Is this a search head cluster or single SH environment? Would you check if replicate.macros=true in distsearch.conf if you are running on search head cluster?

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