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ITSI - Lag between KPI and Service Health Score


We're observing a lag between when the KPI data hits a threshold and when the KPI severity level changes color - and an even longer lag for when the Service changes color.

- Using Real Time for all Service Analyzers and Glass Tables
- KPI Search Schedule = 1 minute
- KPI changes color = 2 - 4 minutes
- Service changes color = 1 - 2 minutes after the KPI changes

The net result is a considerable lag on Glass Tables where only the Service Health Score is displayed.

Is there a way to change the configuration so there is less of a lag?

I understand a lag of up to 2 minutes (based on the KPI Search Schedule) but having a lag of up to 6 minutes on the Glass Table is not effective for our support teams.

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

This is not surprising.

  • data change on disk
  • the KPI run and update their summary values at best every minute - delay
  • the kpi is indexed
  • the service score is calculated based on the kpis values from the previous minute (as the current minute may not be indexed) + delay
  • the service score is indexed
  • if the service score has a dependency over another service, another minute of delay to wait for those dependent services healthscores + extra delay

also if you have indexing/forwarding slowness between the SH and the indexers, add some delay.
So it could take 2-3 minutes for the service score to flip.

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