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How to send Centreon metric to Splunk in Splunk IT Service Intelligence?

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Hello everybody,

I need some help about possibilities for sending to SPLUNK.

My Context :

   My company has selected Centreon to collect information and sending this data to Splunk .

  The sending process to Splunk is: Centreon --> Splunk Heavy forwarder --> Splunk Indexer and finally Splunk search header read data to use Splunk ITSI.

After much research my colleague and I have found two ways :

    Using Stream Connector ( he need to develop a LUA script), but we do not attain to develop this script.

    Using Graphite to sending to Centreon. I have the following this tutorial " [http://www.bujarra.com/instalando-graphite-grafana-visualizar-las-graficas-centreon/?lang=en][1] ". But I haven't found how to send data to Splunk. 

Does anybody have any experience on this configuration (Sending Centreon data on Splunk)?



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Hello Yoan,

I think you may be interested by that new Centreon App. on Splunk Base : https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/4304/

By the way, don't hesitate to join us on https://centreon.github.io/register-slack. You'll be able to discuss with other Splunk/Centreon users and with Centreon community.

Hope to see you soon so we can discuss (my nickname is "moujimouja")

Have a nice day,,Hello Yoan,

Did you have a look to that new App. in Splunk Base ?


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