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How to add custom arrow in ITSI Glass Table

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I am trying to implementing glass table for one of the use case. My use case have complex architecture but seems like I don't have much choice. It has only simple Arrow.

For my use case I need flexible option so I can bend the arrow or having multiple staggered arrow.

I tried to implement by joining multiple arrows but its very difficult and time consuming as small change require to adjust multiple arrows.
Just looking for option. Is there any content pack ? or better option to connect services in glass table ?


This is just simple example. my use case is way more complex.



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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hey @AKG11 , there is unfortunately no content pack or any other extension available containing additional graphical elements such as the type of arrows you are describing.

I find that the best way of going about designing a Glass Table in general is usually by using a 3rd party graphic design tool (can be as simple as PowerPoint) to generate the desired background image, adjust it accordingly to make space for eventually adding health score single value visualisations, and subsequently uploading and using that image in your Glass Table. Alternatively, you can create just the arrows in an external tool and bring them in individually as images, but I suspect that won't quite meet your requirements here. Feel free to reference the attached sample design, which was designed this way (including some custom arrows, but mostly other visual elements brought in as the Glass Table's background image).

Let me know if this helps,


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