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Glass table and past status

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For all the processes the last status is written to an input lookup table every 3 minutes from the log files.

But there are some daily processes, since they run once per day, before the current day's process runs, the status reflects the last run from yesterday.

In this case how do I reflect the current status for that period selected in the Glass table.

To illustrate,

Process runs at 11 AM daily.

On 3/3 before 11 AM it should not reflect the status of the 3/2 run.

Also when some other period is selected in the Time Range, how to reflect that day's status


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You should use some conditional logic in your base search before ITSI processes it. An example would be

| eval epoch_today=strptime(now(), "%Y-%m-%d")
| eval epoch_yesterday=relative_time(now(), "-1d@d" )
| eval day_check=if('epoch_today'<'epoch_yesterday',"Yesterday","Today")
| eval execute=if(day_check=='Today',<KPI Metric>,"N/A")
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Hello @suresh364

So you want to know the status of the Process, which i assume is a "KPI" inside the Glass Table, that updates every 11AM daily?

Can you please explain it further?

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